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. but a government spokesman in beijing pointed to the revelations from former n.s.a. contractor edward snowden: that the u.s. had tapped chinese telecommunications lines. chinese foreign ministry spokeswoman hua chunying: >> ( translated ): china hopes a certain country can stop irresponsible attacks and accusations against china, start with themselves and take practical action to strengthen mutual trust and cooperation, and jointly safeguard peace and security of the cyber space. >> reporter: the snowden affairs makes it harder to complain to the chinese about cyber industrial espionage, says dmitri alperovitch, a co-founder of crowdstrike, a cyber security firm. >> i think it makes it more difficult, because we are certainly losing our high ground, the moral high ground in this case, the chinese can say are you doing the same thing to us. of course what we are doing is very different. we are not hacking in to chinese companies and then turning it over to american companies. we are not engaged in economic espionage. the chinese don't make that distinction. >> reporter: oneajor source of chine
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1